Warranty types and lengths available

There are different warranty types and lengths available. These include: "No Dollar Limit" (NDL), Non Pro-Rated, total system, material, workmanship and material, and single source warranty. These are all very different and each comes with a varying degree of exclusions. Before evaluating warranties, a buyer mist first consider who has authorized the warranty and keep in mind that the warranty can be written to benefit the warrantor. A buyer then must consider the exclusions that are written into each warranty and determine if these exclusions are acceptable. If a customer is not happy with the exclusions then they must request changes or riders to the warranty.

Lastly, a buyer should determine what it is they would like to accomplish with the warranty. They must take into consideration the reasons why their previous roof failed, how long the building will be owned, what the present and future use of the building is and will be, and who will cover potential future needs.
Note: all roofs leak. It is important that a buyer determines whether he wants to have the original installer (who is most familiar with the roof) to do the repair work.

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